Erin Johansen

My name is Erin Johansen, aka the Queen of Tarts.  One of my earliest childhood memories is pulling up a stool to my Yia Yia’s stove (Greek for grandma).  Three decades ago my first paying job was in the kitchen of a Greek pastry shop where I washed a lot of giant pots and pans.  I have been working for Oregon Fruit for 14 years and my suburban neighborhood serves as test kitchen and my neighbors, the focus group. I love to watch competitive cooking shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef .Although Chef Ramsay is truly evil in the kitchen, I really love to watch Hell’s Kitchen with my two grown up daughters who have always been the light in my life. 


Oregon Fruit Products Co. is a third generation family owned and operated company located in the Willamette Valley of Northwestern Oregon - The best place in the world to grow sweet cherries and berries! For almost 75 years our only business is packing cherries, berries, plums, figs, and grapes - we are specialty fruit specialists . We gently process just like grandma used to: No colors, additives or preservatives. Inside our can you will only find all natural fruit, water and just enough added sugar to maintain the fruit’s natural sweetness. You can find Oregon Fruit in the canned fruit section of most grocery stores any time of the year or on How convenient is THAT!