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MCSE, Teacher, Martha Stewart Wannabe. Computers, kid safety online, gardening, decorating and shopping online are my vices.


Free Ice Skating in Brooklyn – April 17th – 10 am – 1 pm

Some local politicians are having Spring Break Family Ice-Skating in Brooklyn – Amazing idea!...more

Nicole Malliotakis Exchange

I don’t understand how Nicole Malliotakis would write and tell me (or anyone else in Brooklyn) that we don’t know how Hurricane Sandy hurt Staten Island. Is she so out of touch that she thinks we weren’t there? Does she think our friends only live in Brooklyn? ...more

Celebrating An Anniversary

Lee and I have been together for many years. ...more

Happy Birthday to

Happy Birthday to the best person I ever knew. ...more

Jobs for Teens in Brooklyn – Summer 2014

Yesterday brought beautiful weather and everyone was out walking around on the Avenue. I ran into old students and their parents and a common question was: Where can I find a job this summer? ...more


The post Life appeared first on ....more

Ice Melt in Bay Ridge

People keep calling me and ask: “Where can I get ice melt in Bay Ridge?” ...more

LIfe Insurance Policy

Occasionally I write things in my blog to record times when people loved me well. ...more

Student’s E-mail

I opened my e-mail to receive the sweetest e-mail ...more

Why I Switched My Political Party

When I originally registered to vote at age 18, my Mom guided me to register as a Democrat. She told me it will allow me to vote in primary elections here in Brooklyn. ...more