Cari Uesugi

 I am a life consultant, personal development speaker, and creative workshop facilitator. I find  joy  in facilitating creative workshops where participants explore creating a natural balance in their daily lives, listening to their inner spirit, communicating with compassion, and nurturing their creative self.

Celebrating A Quiet Moment

 Getting caught in the craziness of life, you may forget how important the quiet moments can be for your sanity. It's those unexpected times when you're able to slip away for just a minute to relax. When the peace and serenity surrounds you and you can hear yourself breath is far and few between. There are no decisions to make or place where you need to be. Because these times are so uncommon, you need to celebrate this quiet moments. The universe seems to know when you need a break from everything. ...more
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Notice Me, I Am Here

Don't ignore me and pretend that I don't exist, for I am a part of your life. The love I have for you has no boundaries and is unconditional. You are all connected in some way and make an impact in each other's lives. You sparkle and change the energy level of the universe each and every day. I am one of the many, who support your efforts in making your life the way you have envisioned it. You may not see me for who I am, but I exist to be an integral part of your past, present, and future. Notice me for I am here for you now and forever....more
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A Forever Kind Of Love

There are so many kinds of love that you sometimes forget how special it is to truly love someone. It's opening yourself to another person in every way. Although it may leave you vulnerable to being so exposed, love survives all. When you give yourself permission to care for others, you experience unconditional love. Giving all and not expecting anything in return. This loving relationship happens between parents and children; friends; pets; and partners in life. It's wanting the best for others and willing to sacrifice in return for their happiness....more
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A Wandering Soul

Have you ever met people who seem to be floating through life, never finding a place to belong. It's not that they are any less committed to a cause or where they are at the time, but it's as if they can only stay in one place for a short time. It's as if they have a calling to continue their journey elsewhere. It may not be important to them to form attachments, as it is to search for what their spirit is seeking. We find ourselves feeling sorry for these lost souls, but what do we know of their journey....more
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Where Your Path Leads You

Why is it that you need to know exactly where you are supposed to be? If you were to just follow your path with faith, think of what you could experience?  You second guess yourself, questioning the insights you get. You no longer seem to hear the spirit within you. You follow a path that you have created. A path that is comfortable and safe, which has led you in circles. You have avoided experiencing new things because it will take you out of your comfort zone. But what scares you, may be the best thing for you....more
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Letting Go

Most of the time you hear that it's better to release what you can not control, so that you can bring in the new. This would make sense because otherwise you lose focus on what is important. Having too many balls in the air is difficult and you may begin to drop some. But what if, just maybe there is purpose in all things. Even those that we are letting go of. When releasing what is less important at the time, you may be reluctant to do so because you feel that somewhere down the line it will come back to you....more
And when we let things go freely, they sometimes find their way back to us when we need them. ...more