Kathy R

I am a Family Practice Doc along with being a quilter, so no surprise the user name!!  I am married to a wonderful man for the past 15 years with one step son who is now out on his own. I am a lifetime member of the girl scouts and involved in animal rescue, especially domestic, wild and exotic birds or animals and my favorite, pussycats.  We currently are blessed with being loved by a number of rescued feral cats, that are finally coming out of their wild cautious personalities and fear of humans and coming to us for petting and interaction.  I am new to blogging and hope to find out that it is wonderful and it becomes a part of my daily life.

Is a Same Sex Union a Marriage?

There has been a lot of discussion about the legalization of same sex marriages.  My objection is the use of the word "Marriage".  To me, marriage is a traditional term for the joining of 2 people usually of the opposite gender under a religious or spiritual banner.  It was and is a legal relationship also, where traditionally in the past  the male worked and the woman stayed at home and took care of the family, the raising of the children and the home.  That was an old fashioned and traditional definition of a “marriage” and I believe is how the term originally cam ...more