I Left A Tenured Academic Position, But I Am Not A Goner: A Working/Parenting Post By Anne G. Sabo

I didn’t leave a tenured position as a college professor to “stay at home” with my child and “not work.” I left because I felt my body scream against the thought of not being with my child, and because I wanted to write. I wanted to write, and not the kind of clever academic wrangle appraised by peers. I wanted to write something of meaning, for myself and for those who care. ...more
We are all working mothers, right? Feminism gave us this gift of choice, and now we sit and ...more

Stranger-Danger Message Puts Kids at Risk of Abuse: Lessons from the Penn State Scandal

“There are perverts out there,” said an attorney in town to our local newspaper addressing the issue of an age limit policy on “toplessness” at our city’s pool. In a culture with as warped views on human sexuality as ours, I actually don’t question that there are perverts around. It’s just that in 90% of all instances of child sexual abuse, the abuser knows the child....more

When "Porn" Becomes Positive and Empowering Rather Than Negative and Degrading

When I first showed a former colleague some of the re-visioned porn I write about in my book, his response was: "But this isn't porn! It's film!" Others have since reacted the same way and many have asked me, "Why do you keep calling it porn? Why not call it 'erotic' or 'explicit,' 'adult' or 'sensual,' or whatever, just not 'porn'? You're going to turn people away from your work," they would warn me. So why do I insist on using the "porn" word? ...more

Real Men Blame the Rapist, Not the Rape Victim

I attended this weekend's SlutWalk Minneapolis with my three-year-old daughter, because I want her to grow up knowing nobody has the right to tell her avoiding rape is her responsibility. Or that she needs to police her look and behavior but a boy does not. ...more

Porn Stars' Breasts Are for Babies Too

I really love how indie porn maker Madison Young is using her new role as a mother to confront our culture's warped ideas about women's sex and the sex of moms in particular. Yesterday, Salon reported that Young has been attacked for exposing her baby to "creeps and pedophiles." Why? Because she breastfed in public....more

When All Men Are Potential Pedophiles: The Park & Rec Board Weighs in on "Proper Swimwear"

The hostility punched me in my gut as I entered the meeting room last night. I was there to talk about this summer's "pool attire" incident when I was told to put a top on my three-year-old daughter. I explained as I've already done to the pool manager and the pool manager's supervisor, that I find the request offensive in its sexualization of little girls....more

“Proper Swimwear” for a Toddler Girl Includes a Top?!

At the city pool on a steamy Sunday, we were recently told by the lifeguards that our daughter, who just turned three, needs to wear a top and not just a bottom. Isn’t that taking the sexualizing of young girls to the extreme? ...more
Couldn't agree with you more. A swimsuit bottom is plenty on a toddler. What exactly am I ...more

From Traditional Marriage to New Forms of Intimacy

The United States is one of the most sexually conservative countries in the industrial world. In 2002, 42 percent of Americans told pollsters that homosexuality was morally wrong. Only 16 percent of Italians, 13 percent of the French, and 5 percent of Spaniards felt that way. (Marriage, A History...more

Sex and Bodily Fluids

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that in Hollywood movies, women never need to wipe off the male ejaculate that's bound to run down their thighs after sex? They just hop out of bed or get up from the floor, or wherever they've had intercourse, and jump into their clothes again; or they kiss, cuddle, and then go to sleep. So it's perhaps not so strange that in Hollywood movies, female ejaculate is completely extinct. But what about in porn? ...more

Lazy Moms I Don't Like

Sure, I look forward to the day when I can lounge by the pool while Lilly swims, jumps, and plays in the water on her own or with her friends. But I don't like the lazy mom lounging with her magazine and bag of chips while her kids--equipped with hefty safety vests--are in the water by themselves. Why? Because it breaks my heart to see how her younger boy (about four years old) keeps begging for her attention while the older sister (six?)--having figured out that it will do her no good to ask for it--bugs me instead for mine....more