The Bi Apple and Gender Bending Sex Films recently featured an article—Bringing up the rear—on the growing trend of more straight men exploring a formerly taboo hot spot: the male anus. A national sex survey published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found eleven percent of men ages 20-24 reporting that they've been on the receiving end of anal intercourse at some point in their lives. ...more

Objectify Me

Feminist sex blogger and woman oriented porn producer Ms. Naughty recently posted about how anti-porn feminists can't acknowledge feminist porn. It's a good read, in particular for Ms....more

The Womanly Art of Bleeding

I recently got my period back. -- After more than three and a half years of no period. Friends have been jealous. Personally, I've sort of missed it. "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding," La Leche League calls it. But while I've been nursing my toddler daughter for almost three years now, I have somehow felt less womanly for not having a period. For me, getting my period back was cause for celebration. ...more

It took a while for me to wander in and read, but I've done it.

Some look at me like I'm ...more

Blue Artichoke Films: Cinematic Quality Porn

Blue Artichoke Films in Amsterdam is making a name for itself by producing cinematic quality porn. US-born Jennifer Lyon Bell (1969) is the creative force behind its three films, which are of notable atmosphere and texture. Feeling that her own sexuality is not reflected in mainstream porn, Bell is using film languages and styles to re-vision pornographic films. In fact, her first film, a ten-minute short, doesn’t even show explicit sex; yet its sexiness rises up into the frame from what the viewer doesn’t actually see. ...more

Lubricated Parenting

On a particularly warm, sunny spring day earlier this week, at a mama meet-up in a park where kids played and us mamas shared bits and pieces from our daily lives, I mused to my friend that a margarita at that moment wouldn't hurt. This inspired further ideas about bringing tumblers with sinful concoctions to our group playdates in the Arboretum this summer, resurrecting, as my friend said, "the rock mamas," doing it together with lubrication on hand. ...more

I'll Show You Mine

Up to 89% of women do not think their genitals are attractive, sexy or beautiful, and more than half (57%) of women think their genitals are of improper size (Education | Show Off Books). As a reaction to the widespread increase in cosmetic genital surgery, I’ll Show You Mine, edited by Show Off Books founder Wrenna Robertson, is a photo study of sixty women’s genitals embracing the diversity of the vulvae....more

Children's Sex Education Book Too Graphic?!

A Washington state mother has filed a complaint against her local school district for exposing her 10 year-old daughter to a children's sex education book, which she believes is "completely too graphic." What's the Big Secret: Talking about Sex With Girls and Boys (2000; first ed. 1997) by Laurie Krasny Brown, Ed.D., and Marc Brown is actually recommended for children ages 3-8 by Debra W. Haffner in From Diapers to Dating: A Parent's Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children (2008; first ed. 1999, 2000, 2004). Haffner served for twelve years as president of SIECUS -- the country's largest clearinghouse of sexuality education -- and has been a human sexuality educator for more than twenty-five years. Incidentally, I read the book in contention to my toddler daughter on a regular basis....more

I am always astonished by how some people want to shield their children from completely natural ...more

Smut City with Café Flesh: Exploring the erotic in porn together

Smut City made its debut last night at the New Movement theater in Austin, Texas with a screening of Café Flesh (1982), a post-apocalyptic science fiction porn film. Hosted by F*Bomb, Smut City avows to rescue the erotic in porn by encouraging people to come together to watch and discuss erotic sex films:...more

Art House Sex Film: Anna Brownfield’s The Band

The indie sex and rock feature film The Band (2009) by Australian Anna Brownfield (1971) stands out from all other new porn by women. In 2009, The Band was the opening film at the Berlin Porn Festival and was also shown at the Cannes Film Festival. Brownfield’s film gives association to Michael Winterbottom’s 9 songs (2004) and John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus (2006), films along with which Brownfield classifies her own: art house films with hardcore sex. ...more

My very brief guide to feminist porn, part two

In the first part of my very brief guide, I responded more directly to questions about feminist porn. I offered criteria to help viewers analyze the quality of porn, with the intention of broadening our language for talking about this. Yet I emphasized that these criteria are not meant to be definitive but rather have worked for me as talking points. This second part will respond to more personal questions I hear about using porn....more