Rachel Kessler

I am a twentysomething woman living with cerebral palsy. I like to read, blog surf, and watch movies among other things. I am also in the process of training my own service dog. Many of the posts found here are reposted from my personal blog. All comments are welcome even the ones that disagree with me. Debate is encouraged abuse and flaming is not, you have been warned.

Acting Your Age, or Confessions of a (Supposed) Serial Killer

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Why I (Usually) Refuse To Talk Politics with Most People

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Occupy Wall Street: what was that about again?

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My Mother Wore Combat Boots And Other Things That Are True

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To the Bat Cave or How To Start Your Own Crusade

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Mother's Day and love

Don't Panic

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Wednesday Hodgepodge, 1st edition...for me

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