Rachel Martin

celebrator of living an intentional joy-filled life -- that's me. more? mother to seven {amazing} kids, homeschooler, advocate for Celiac Disease awareness, lives gluten free, wife to a cancer survivor, believer, loves family, enjoys social media, and finding joy - and blogs about it with honesty, laughter, and fabulous pictures. that blog? finding joy http://rachelmariemartin.blogspot.com

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to the mom wondering if it matters

It matters. Here’s why. The other day my eight year old came in the house crying ....more

ten things moms need to remember

1. Expect that you will make mistakes. Like me when I tell everyone can’t you just be quiet for one teeny second because otherwise I am going to go insane...more

dear mom – why it’s never too late.

Sometimes I look at my life and I see every single thing that isn’t right. I see the mistakes. The dreams that I think are lost ....more

cancer or not. when did making fun of each other become okay?

I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures on facebook. If not, you will. You see there is this awesome runner, Monika Allen, running in a tutu with a wonder woman shirt on and a tiara next to her friend in a tutu and a superman shirt ....more

the reality of being a mom

Big breath. ...more

why being a mom is enough.

I’m talking about simply being a mom. I’m talking about getting up in the morning, slapping your face with water, looking in the mirror, sighing, brushing your teeth (maybe), and picking up that toddler and wandering into the kitchen and pouring cereal in bowls, rinsing dishes, kissing the top of their head, and waiting for your coffee to brew. There isn’t much glamour ....more

why you’re the world’s best mom {it is not about being perfect}

Sometimes my boys will tell me I’m the best mom ever. Typically it’s after I get them something like hot cocoa with extra whipped cream and chocolate syrup at Starbucks. Or when I let them watch a movie late at night skipping right past their bedtime ....more

Motherhood, Interrupted.

I felt like I didn’t belong in the good mom club anymore. I felt like I was the failing mom now. No longer am I the mom who stays at home day after day after day, but now, now somehow in my motherhood journey I’ve become the mom who looks at her kids in the eyes and tells them she loves them and then gets on a plane and travels for work only to return three days later ....more

20 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids.

1. Tucking them into bed at night. Someday they’ll be too big and I won’t get that moment back ....more

10 Things Kids Need to Learn {about life, falling down, and goals}

1. Falling down. So that they learn to get up ....more