Heather Sandouga

I am a mother of 3 (soon to be 4), step-mom to 1, caretaker of husband and fish....daycare provider to 4....student, teacher and writer.  And I do it all with sarcasm.

I must clean all the things….ALL THE THINGS!

CC image courtesy of Cornelia Kopp on Flickr Nesting – have you heard of it? ...more

All these “new” things

This isn’t my first pregnancy…far from it. ...more

Back Home

I was able to get discharged from the hospital late last night. ...more

I’m in the hospital

I thought it would be easiest to update everyone here rather than on facebook where things often get lost amidst postings of “like this to win”, game requests, and the latest drama with that one strange friend we all keep but arent really sure why. Also, I’m posting this from my phone which likes to change random words to jibberish for no good reason (its latest thing is to change “not” to “jot”) So please forgive any weird spelling you may see. So I woke up this morning with a funky feeling belly…I wont go into details, but suffice it to say that the toilet came in handy ....more

Say what?

Adam is all about labeling things in his invented spelling. He’s labeled all his drawers for his clothes; “shrts” “pents” “sox” and so on. ...more

A sigh of relief

Yesterday I hit week #23 in this pregnancy. ...more

Baby Registry

So – People have been messaging me and asking for “what I need for baby.” ...more

uh…excuse me

Being pregnant can be awesome; feeling baby move, having that pregnancy “glow,” an extra 250 calories a day, amazing hair and nails. ...more

21 Weeks

Well, I’m beyond the 1/2 way point…missed posting yesterday because I was just too excited about my new fitbit and spent my time playing around with that. Yesterday morning, I’d had my daughter take a picture of me to post here…let’s just say that I soon got depressed about how fat my face is already. I tend to gain a lot of water weight in my face when I’m pregnant…but I hadn’t realized how puffy I was until I saw that ....more

Daily Cleaning List

Yesterday (like most days) I didn’t feel like doing my housework. ...more