Five kids, a Nurse, and an Infantryman walk in to a blog......

 We held down the fort while Daddy was away serving three different  deployments as an Infantryman (two to Afghanistan, one to Iraq). Edo is 14, Pudah is 11, Ladybug is 6,  Vi is 7 and The Man is 3 years and counting.   Five kids (one recently adopted from Ukraine!) at various ages and stages provide endless entertainment, frustration, and opportunities to learn, love and grow together!

Operation Spring Cleaning

Things have gotten a little disorderly around here. With the two of us in school, the day-to-day house stuff was often barely an afterthought. Especially the last couple weeks as Dean was finishing up his thesis and I am still kinda scrambling to get through the end of my semester ....more

Botox Round Two: A Whole New Experience

Vi had her second round of botox injections to her legs today. Her first was 6 months ago at the same hospital with the same doctor. She was quite silly and her little video from that day is definitely one of her personal youtube favorites! ...more

Moral Injury & PTSD: What Does It Mean?

The other day driving in the car I was listening to NPR. A segment came on about the most recent shooting at Ft. Hood ....more

Army Wife Network: What the Rut?

You can find my post today over at The Army Wife Network in a series I am working on called Healthy Eating, Happy Life! Click HERE to read about staying out of the healthy eating rut. The post Army Wife Network: What the Rut? ...more

Thesis Defense: Check!

Can I just say how super amazingly proud I am of this guy?!?! Today Dean defended his thesis for his graduate degree in a big room full of people. I would tell you what it was about, except I didn’t understand any of it ....more

Pediatric Clinical Rotation: Check!

Hi, My name is Lora. And I like kids. (October, 2013) It’s kind of a problem ....more

The Great Bike Giveaway Happy Ending!

Most of you probably already heard that Vi didn’t win the bike in the Great Bike Giveaway. Of course, in a contest like that there aren’t really winners and losers. There are deserving kids and other deserving kids, and just not enough bikes to go around!! ...more

A Year of Gratitude (February)

So I’m doing this thing with my awesome friend Jane, where (hopefully!) every month this year I will post about what I was grateful for the previous month. It’s March, so this post is about February. And I wrote a post in January in which I unfortunately used up all the easy things to be grateful for and now I’ve gotta really improvise and stuff ....more

Lessons on Adoption and Real Love Part II

So, if you didn’t read the post a couple days ago about the guidance counselor, you should before carrying on or this won’t make much sense. The next day I was still very upset. If anything, I was actually becoming more upset the longer I thought about exactly what had happened ....more

Big Brother = Big Fun!

People are always like “FIVE KIDS?!??!” And I’m always like “Yep, it’s a party at my house EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!” And seriously, it is ....more