Raven Smith

A 32-year old mom of two and wife of one. I blog. I love tattoos and snowboarding. I have a huge girl crush on Judge Judy and often quote Dr. Phil. People either love me, or they love me. There really is no in-between. 

Just An Added Bonus

#word. photo from my fitness pinterest board Since getting serious about getting fit, I've been noticing a lot of people talk about Shakeology on instagram. I saw all these women in amazing shape rave about the shakes and how it has given them mass energy and helped propel them into losing weight ....more

Shit My Kid Says

Gunner: Can I say bad words? Me: No. Gunner: Well Tanner cusses, I hear'd him ....more

Ranch Doesn't Look Good In A Bikini

Some things stick in my head forever, things I've heard once and never have forgotten, things like, "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" and "You ain't no hoe if you don't go down below" and "You can't outwork a bad diet."...more

A Little Family Update

- Gunner has been insisting on dressing himself every morning. Much to my dismay, obviously, as I am completely looks obsessed and measure my love for my children based entirely on their physical appearance. It's been hard to love him less when he dresses like a complete goober but such is life ....more

My Top Three in Beauty

Another quick beauty post on three of my absolute must-haves... When I instagrammed the above photo yesterday, I got a few inquiries about what I was wearing on my face to make it highlight and "glow." Let me introduce you to one of my favorite products ever: Nars Copacabana Illuminator. I'm sure eeeeeeeeeeveryone has heard about the obsessive cult product Nars Orgasm Illuminator, which I have and love btw, however, whenever I wear the Copacabana I get the most compliments ....more

One Last Plug

So I wasn't going to post today but figured why not get one last sponsored plug in...more

We Can't Be Friends If…Part III

via my pinterest board - you aren't loyal. As in, if I hate someone, you hate them also. No questions asked....more

Pirates and Fairies and Magic, Oh My!

I've talked a lot about nurturing my kids' creativity. About letting them choose their path and not stifling them by what society deems "standard." So my son loves so-called "girl" cartoons and loves his nails painted black from time to time. He also loves riding his bike in the dirt and getting covered in mud head-to-toe and is completely obsessed with anything creepy crawly ....more

The Workout Post

via my fitness pinterest board Throughout the duration of this blog, I've talked a lot about wanting to get in shape. Wanting to tone up and look good in a bikini. I've had some good ideas and some not so good ideas ....more

I Am Not A Girls Girl

You hear a lot of talk now and then about being a "girls girl" or a "guys girl." What it means to be either. Kind of like, you have to choose a side. You either are pro-woman power or not ....more