Rea de Miranda

Still trying to complete my training in the University of Life and at times failing miserably. I lost my son Emile to suicide five years ago and recently lost my husband to a massive heart attack. Depression has been my constant companion for many years and going through the losses of my loved ones has tested my sanity to the limit. Life goes on and I try to use the experience of all I have lived as a teaching tool to deepen my spirituality and spread awareness around the world. Nothing happens without any reason and I am compelled to share my path with anyone I can reach.

Loss of words in the face of naked pain

The loss of words in the face of naked pain... How can anyone ever understand how it feels to lose a child? Not in their wildest dreams can they identify with you. Before I lost Emile, I had no idea what parents went through when they lost a child. I try to put myself in their place and this is what I think it feels for them to look at us....more

Destruction after the loss of a child

Many families are torn apart after the death of a child. Parents divorce and leave the rest of the children more bereft than after a sibling has died. One of the reasons this happens is because one of the parents, mostly the mother, grieve longer and more intense that the other. When everyone else seems to have gone on with their lives you feel you are left behind to mourn your child on your own. You resent them for not grieving the way you do and you distance yourself from them emotionally....more
As I read through your post, I related to what you were saying so much. My husband and I were ...more

The day I lost my precious son to suicide