Amy C

I have two little boys, D who is my knight in shining armor and K who is the fire in all our lives. The wife of Tommy for the last six years. We live in a little town just north of Atlanta that I despise with all of my being. I am a city folk not a suburban folk. I have lived in lots of different places around the US but I must say the place I pine for is Texas. Gorgeous sights, nice people, great weather. Someday I will get back there. My husband was born in Denmark (country not city). He came to the US with his mother in 1989 when she married his stepfather. He has lived in and barely left Georgia ever since. We are definitely two of a kind. I am the outgoing Gemini that knows what she wants and how to get it and he is the peaceful Virgo. An AP family of four just trying to make it out alive.