Smith & Wolensky's in NYC: An Institution & Bartender Patrick is Too.....

I used to go to Smith & Wolensky’s YEARS ago to meet up with journalist friends in New York. I’ve also been there on occasion to have dinner. (note: very old school boy network and old establishment, not necessarily a bad thing.It is what it is....more

10 Fabulous Boston & Cambridge Restaurants & Cafes Next Time You're in New England

Below is a list of restaurants I’ve tried and can recommend in the Boston/Cambridge area: Temple Bar on Mass Avenue: one of my favorite haunts....more

Food on Aer Lingus in Business Class Gives Airlines in the States a Bad Name!

Food on Aer Lingus recently was surprisingly good (Business Class), particularly noted because of how many airlines are skimping on food and wine, extras that make traveling a pleasure rather than a chore....more

Geraldine Brooks & Year of Wonders Shows us Moral Compass

I went through Boston recently on my to Dublin, so my old book group moved up their monthly book group meet-up by a week so I could attend. Eager to see old friends and engage in a classic after which we could tear apart, I was intrigued by what book I’d need to read that I had not anticipated reading, one of the beauties by the way of a book group....more
@WeBlogtheWorld @BlogHerBooks great book! Geraldine Brooks' "March" and "People of the Book" are ...more

Roberto Dutesco's Wild Horses of Sable Island Now On Exhibit in NYC

I accidentally came across a photography exhibit on Crosby Street in New York City while wandering through an alleyway a cop told me I should check out for good shots of architecture. It was the wild horses that brought me in. The photoworks of the current exhibit entitled The Wild Horses of Sable Island is by Roberto Dutesco....more

A Nose Dive into Photo Templates: Great Sites for Photographers (Here's My Top Picks)

I spent a significant amount of time investigating templates, websites and blog platforms where you can display photos in a professional way, aka, for folks who want to do more than basic slide shows on their Flickr or Smugmug pages.And, I sent out emails asking for tips, advice and through Twitter and for the most part, the majority of the responses were: just set something up on a WordPress blog....more

Kentucky Artist Janeen Barnhart Does Amazing Horses in ACTION!

I discovered he work of Janeen Barnhart in Louisville Kentucky over the summer. While she does a lot of “figures” and other sketches, she is known for her drawings and paintings of horses. After all, Kentucky is horse country. She has a diverse style, and is dedicated to the art of drawing on paper, creating works with such diverse line and texture taking on their own dimension....more

There's A lot of "Genius" in Hungary, So Little of Which is Known...

Many Americans often don’t realize just how much genius comes from outside the states, particularly in the technology industry. Same applies to competitive sports. People flock to the states for the opportunity, the money, university and so when something exceptional is done, we will often say, well, it happened in America. It was done by an American. ...more

Aubrey de Grey on How We Can SLOW Aging & Physical Decay

In an effort to ignite regenerative medicine and transform the way we think about health and aging, Aubrey de Grey spends his time on airplanes between England and Silicon Valley, as well as to conferences and events where he can evangelize his message to those who help accelerate his mission. ...more

10 Places To Go & Things To Do When Traveling to Chile

Below is a top ten list of things worth doing and seeing if you’re planning a trip to Chile, or wasn’t planning a trip to Chile and perhaps after reading, a visual or description or two will change your mind.The Magical and Isolated Easter Island:...more