Vigilante? Or Hero?

I ran across this article a few weeks ago about a 23-year-old father who beat a man to death, because the guy was molesting the dad's 5-year-old daughter. The guy was an acquaintance and he had taken the girl off into the woods where the dad found him on top of her with his pants down .... I wish my imagination didn't give me such vivid sensory stories sometimes. The dad beat him to death....more

Curiosity on Mars

I just watched Curiosity land on Mars. Did you? The excitement in the Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA was contagious. Mars is a long way away, by Earth standards, and it appears everything went as hoped. As usual, I was thinking too much as I watched. All my life my mom has told me I think too much, so this is no exception....more

Out of Vogue

I'm not a reader of Vogue magazine. Go figure. I don't look like that; I don't dress like that; I can't afford that. I have strong opinions about the magazine's influence on how women view our bodies and our worth -- but it's part of such a pervasive, ridiculously unattainable culture, Vogue really doesn't come across my radar even when I glance at the magazines while I'm in line at the grocery store....more

In memory of you

Memorial Day weekend. Bleh. It's one of those weekends for me. One of those weekends that is colored by difficult Memorial Day weekends in the recent past. A weekend to dread. But those aren't the stories I want to tell. ...more
I live with a family of comedians so I am sure it will be stories of "Remember the time Mom ...more

Link This

Isn't it amazing the people who want to be friends with you through social media? I've become friends again through Facebook with lots of people I never would have been in contact with otherwise: people I went to high school with, relatives, people who simply dropped out of my life for various reasons. There are people I haven't connected with, of course. The first boy I kissed, the first boy I fell in love with, other high school friends, other relatives, my mom. OK, I'm connected to my mom through the telephone....more

The V Clone

I promised a vagina post for today and not to brag or anything but I'm not only posting a vagina post, but a vagina with clones post. Boo ya. Multiples!...more
Such a funny article! Well, I tried the clone-a-pussy and, yes, I didn't really know how to ...more

Mystery Photos

My phone broke recently ... no, that's a lie. My phone broke almost two months ago. The qwerty fell apart, although it's still held together by a couple of ribbons. It still works except sometimes it takes two people -- one to hold the two parts and one to text .... anyway, I can still text the old fashioned way on the number pad. When it broke I couldn't decide if I wanted a smart phone to keep me busy when I'm out and everybody else is on their smart phones texting or playing Draw Something or checking Facebook. ...more

Ghetto Tattoo

Yesterday on my way home from school I drove past a surprising sight. A rather fair man was standing on the steps in front of his house talking on the phone. He was shirtless and across his glowing-in-the-sun lower abdomen was a large tattoo that read "GHETTO." I stared as long as I could and then drove on to the stop sign at the end of the block....more

Gin and Juice Blues

As I promised, here's the original story, with the original title, that I sent to Will for the radio story project. People who have heard me tell a Melvyn story or two, or who have met him, will be able to hear his rough, smoker's voice, I think. That's problem with sharing a written version of a story that was created to be told aloud: the audience can't hear the voices like I expect they will when I write it.Disclaimers aside, here's the story. ...more

On the radio

Back in February I wrote about winning a story slam. A couple of days later, a fellow storyteller Will (who is also a hilarious stand-up comedian and who runs the department at the library that helps my students with all things tech) asked me to work on a storytelling project he was doing for our local public radio station. Of course I said yes....more