Heather Davis

20-something boutique manager, fashion writer, yogi, beach girl, Francophile, newlywed, Pinterest addict, dreamer, & creative soul.

101 Things in 1001 Days

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a list of 101 goals I plan to accomplish within 1001 days. I hope this will inspire you to make your own list!...more
Mmmm, poutine.more

Winter Clean-Out: Closet Organization

What every girl needs is a spacious, well-organized closet, right? Well, at least I have one of those things! Just after Christmas, I knew I needed to do a major clean-up and clean-out in my closet!...more

"Why Are Boutiques So Expensive?"

Working in several different boutiques, it drives me CRAZY when customers come in and ask why things are "so expensive." First of all, you're in a boutique. That means the merchandise is unique, carried in small quantities, and specialized for a somewhat specific kind of customer. (If you need to ask, you are probably not that customer.) Boutiques are not mall stores for a reason. Second, this is how much clothing is SUPPOSED to cost. The value of good materials and fairly paid employees are just the beginning of why some products cost more than others. ...more

Getting Fit with MyFitnessPal

As determined as I am to eat healthy and get fit, it only goes so far when I don't keep track of how much I'm really eating, and how much I'm really exercising. I've done the food diary thing multiple times, writing down every little thing I consume, and I've also tried the Lose It! app that I found was extremely irritating and unsuccessful. When my bestie, Brie, told me about the MyFitnessPal app, I wasn't sold, but finally I've decided it's time to give it a try! ...more
I am in love with that app!   it simplifies everything when trying to monitor your workouts and ...more