Rita Arens

Rita Arens authors Surrender, Dorothy and Surrender, Dorothy: Reviews. She is BlogHer.com's deputy editor. 

Her parenting anthology and BlogHer's first book, Sleep is for the Weak was published by Chicago Review Press in September 2008 and won a 2009 gold NAPPA.

Her debut young adult novel, The Obvious Game was published in 2013 InkSpell Publishing.

She lives with her husband and daughter in Kansas City. She has a BA in communications studies from the University of Iowa and a MA in English/professional writing from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. Follow Rita on Twitter.

In Celebration of Katherine Stone

In preparing to write this post honoring my friend and activist/entrepreneur, Katherine Stone of Postpartum Progress, I searched my gmail, which has also archived my old hotmail account, to see when we first found each other. I dug up an email from Katherine dated April 15, 2009, which would've been a few weeks after my daughter's fifth birthday and about a year after I started getting help and taking medication for my anxiety disorder. Katherine wrote: This Mother's Day - Sunday, May 10 -- Postpartum Progress will host its first annual Mother's Day Rally for Moms' Mental Health ....more

The Incredible Thickness of Summer Nights

I can't resist going outside on summer nights. It seems untenable to me that these flowers I planted six years ago can grow now as tall as I am, choking off the space around them with their stretching blooms. I didn't know what I had done ....more

What Would Your Life Look Like Now If You Hadn't Started Blogging?

Ten years ago, I was two years out of my graduate writing program and just returning from maternity leave (I came back the week after the fourth of July holiday, come to think of it) to my product management job in corporate America. If I hadn't started blogging on maternity leave, I would not have written anything new in almost a year. ...more
Ashleigh Burroughs Right back atcha.more

It Comes, the Rain

I arrived back from my aunt's funeral around six. We'd planned to rent a pontoon all day, enjoy the lake before camping. That didn't happen, but death comes when it comes, nothing to be done about that ....more

Four Answers About My Writing Process

Thanks to Grace Hwang Lynch of HapaMama for inviting me to talk shop. Check out her post here! ...more

Life Is Complicated

On Sunday, my wonderful Tante Sue passed after a long struggle with Pick's disease. I remember most about her that she loved to socialize. Pick's stole her speech ....more

RIP, Simon the Fish

The little angel's betta fish, Simon, went down the toilet, where all streams go to the ocean, last week. I bought Simon on a whim as a surprise one day, because I had fond memories of my own betta fish in college and because I think every child needs a fish. My daughter hadn't even asked for one; it was just one of those impulse things I do as a mother because I can ....more

5 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

I took up gardening the year after we moved to my current house, Chateau Travolta. I never suspected myself of being a gardener, but it turns out I get immense pleasure from watching the yearly cycle of rebirth. Also, the flowers make my deck look less weathered. Up until this year, the deer rampant in my neighborhood stayed away from my deck and so I didn't have to take any precautions around my perennials. But this year, THIS YEAR! They ate my buds. And now, it is war. Here are the top five solutions I found in my anti-deer research....more
Yesterday I looked out my window to see that almost all of the buds of my beautiful hostas had ...more

Hotter Still Thirteen Years In

Today is Beloved's and my thirteenth wedding anniversary. Yesterday he was in the shower while I was putting on makeup in the bathroom mirror, squinting at my reflection with annoyance. Me: "So .. ....more

Dear Richard Gere

Some friends and I read Matthew Quick's THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW this month. One of the quirky things about the book (one of many) is that it's primarily told through letters from the protagonist to Richard Gere. THE GOOD LUCK OF RIGHT NOW isn't my favorite Matthew Quick book (I love, love, love FORGIVE ME, LEONARD PEACOCK), but the main character's striking observations about people and humanity linger with me still ....more