Taking It Too Far: Back Off the Girls in Prom Dresses

Last weekend, my best friend and I sat blissfully on a restaurant patio in seventy-degree springtime hoping a waiter or waitress might bring us drinks. While we waited, a group of high school kids dressed for prom started to make their way into the restaurant through the revolving door. One girl got her full princess dress stuck in the door, and my friend and I started talking about how much that must suck, hopefully it didn't leave a mark, how embarrassing, la la la. Then we heard the loud and inebriated ladies to our left commenting on the girls themselves after the kids had barely cleared earshot. ...more
Ashleigh Burroughs  I do think the texting at the table thing is weird. Also all the selfies. I ...more

Rock the Parkway: So Then I Ran a Half Marathon!

YOU GUYS, I DID IT! I can hardly believe it....more

Gallowayed: How I Ran, No Walked, No Ran My First Half-Marathon

When I was a freshman in high school, I went out for track. I hadn't actually run at all before I did it. It was sort of a lark. The first day of practice, the coach told us to run an easy mile. All the other girls headed out, talking to each other as they went. I followed along as best as I could, but never having run a mile before except for the Presidential Physical Fitness Tests, I thought I might die and ended up back at the track gasping for air, my lungs on fire. Then, as I would almost every single practice until the weather warmed up, I coughed until phlegm came up, thoroughly embarrassing myself. So I quite shocked myself on Saturday when I ran my first half-marathon. ...more
Julie Ross Godar  The peeing was totally the best part. Afterwards, the peeing.more

5 Book Bloggers to Follow for National Library Week

Did you know there were 292,014 books published in the United States in 2013? (But only seven in Oman.) Who will save us from becoming overwhelmed? BOOK BLOGGERS. I've relied on book bloggers as a reader and as an author for years. Since it's National Library Week this week, let me tell you who to read. ...more
How exciting, thank you Rita! We are so happy and still in shock that so many people take the ...more

I Guess It's Video Week: The 5 Elements of a Story Rap

My girl showed me this last night. LOVE ....more

Watch Some of My Favorite Bloggy Friends Tell You What Blogging Is

"My blog is my spirit animal." OMG ....more

I Wrote This Post From a Firestone.

Today I had lunch plans for the second time in 2014. So exciting, this leaving the house during the workday thing. I hopped in Vicki, turned the ignition .. ....more

Ten Long Years

So ... I'm never sure if anyone is still reading my new posts, but if you are ... next month is Surrender, Dorothy's ten- year anniversary ....more

Why, Rosemary's Baby?

My girl and I were watching The Voice tonight when suddenly there are ads for all manner of terrifying television and movies. Ghosts, possessed mirrors and Rosemary's Fucking Baby. Hold the phone ....more

About the Execution

The words have been coming hard lately. I reach for them, and they just blow away. Sometimes there's no "there" there ....more