Robin Follette

I'm an outdoors and agriculture writer, adrenaline junkie (Sit 15' from a 400 pound hungry bear? no problem), wife, mom, gardener, foodie, former market farmer. Our children are grown and on their own or in college. This year will be the first full year I'll spend as a full time writer.

Unplugging From the Laptop and Work

How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.  ~Henry David Thoreau...more

Nurturing: a Word I Had Forgotten

A long-time best friend wrote something that will make a difference in my life. "...and nurturing the things that are meaningful to me."...more
Hello there, Robin! Absolutely DELIGHTED to find you and add a voice to the sustainable farming ...more

My Word for 2012 is Outdoors

My word for 2012 is Outdoors. I spent so much time outdoors as a market farmer that I stopped enjoying being outside. Being outdoors meant work most of the time. That changed a bit in 2011 as I stepped back from market farming and into writing. Being an outdoors and agriculture writer gives me ample opportunity to make being outdoors more fun in the coming year. This year I will: ...more
GREAT post! Woman after my own heart. LOVE reading your to-do list. Thanks for joining BlogHer ...more