RoiAnn Phillips

I’m a queer mom co-parenting by love, step, adoption, and the skin of my teeth. After trying the urban artist thing for fifteen years or so, I eventually found my calling as a suburban soccer mom.  I discovered this in a friend’s garage, climbing into her 7-seat family car (which she tells me is NOT a minivan) to deliver registration materials to the neighborhood soccer league while our daughters played with fairy houses and muddy sticks in the backyard. My daughter dropped soccer like a hot potato, but my calling remains.

I have a partner (yes, a girl), two daughters – one by adoption and one by falling in love with her mom – two dogs, two cars, and two cats – and every Friday morning, I share a slice of life on my blog, Are You The Babysitter.

Quietly Dismissed

I was dismissed from morning drop-off this week. I mean, not entirely - I still have to drive the car - but as we approached the school on Tuesday morning, my daughter said to me:"Last time, Mama just dropped me off."...more

If the Shoe Fits

My daughter and I went shopping just before school was out, while the air was cool and tank tops were still a memory from last year. ...more

Mami, am I Black?

“Mami, am I Black?” “No, Sweetheart. You’re Brown.” That’s not much of an explanation, is it? ...more