Rook Ie

Twenty three year old narcissistic geek. I was raised on video games and force fed 80s culture by the bucket load. When I was little, my mom used to dress me in bulky sweaters and stirrup pants, presumably because she was trying to ruin my life. Physically very girly, I love makeup, I love to wear nice clothes, and I'm a whore for DYI fashion. However, I'm more of a tomboy in actions. My entire childhood I spent climbing trees and playing with action figures. I used to sneak into my brothers room and read his X-Men, Batman, and Spiderman comics. Sometimes I snort when I laugh. I dance in public when people have their back turned to me. I giggle when I'm nervous. I attended Catholic School for seven years and really haven't been back to church since then. I have a chronic fear of crowds, but love being the center of attention. I spend a vast amount of time playing World of Warcraft, cooking, or terrorizing people on the internet. Sometimes the thought of bugs climbing into my nose when I'm asleep keeps me awake at night. I sing Sublime songs in the shower. I have a boyfriend who is just as spastic as I am.

Bloggers do it in front of a computer at 2:30am - or between loads of laundry.

Taken from my December 21st post on A Fork in the Socket. ...more