Gia Alvarez

A mom of twins, a marathon runner, a coach and a fit life connoisseur.  I believe in the possibility of life balance spend my days helping the mama-letes of this world find that same balance.  

I write about my journey and share the whole truth – the missteps and the good decisions.  Because the life of a mama-lete is a journey not a destination.

My Blogs

#RunCoach: Running UpHill

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An ode to Q1 2014

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Beaver Creek Colorado Ski School

Hello from beautiful Beaver Creek Colorado. We are spending spring break out here and I couldn’t be happier. ...more

Spring Cleaning – How to do a Pantry Makeover

Spring … crossing my fingers that its on the way. Winter has been one tough beast this year. I tend to feel anew in spring, I want to open windows, clean everything and feel light and fresh especially after being couped up all winter long ....more

And then there wasn’t …

My first draft of this post detailed the exact account of what I did from my Frozen Embryo Transfer to date. However I don’t think I can rehash this process like that. The fact is that I had the transfer on Monday March 3rd, I felt exhausted and nauseated immediately ....more

Lately in Fitness Classes

Running and I have had a rocky relationship throughout the FET cycle that I am in. ...more

Why the LA Marathon is my FAVORITE marathon

1. Its a PR course The Stadium to the Sea Route is a...more

Foods for Fertility and Implanation

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My journey: 3 years later … let’s thaw some embryos

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My journey – The choice for twins, frozen embryos and OHSS

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