Shashi Charles

Hello - I am a thirtysomething embarking on a blogging journey to keep track of healthy eats/recipes, workouts, all things that inspire me and a few DIY projects

beet crust pizza

With beets, Bob’s Red Mill quinoa flour, & Bob’s Red Mill hazelnut meal married together with coconut oil, this crust is gluten and sugar free!

Mystery ingredeint cheese cakes

 present yall with this “cheese”cake – similar to cheesecake in texture and sweet and creamy, tongue tantalizing, taste....more

5 Ingredient Breakfast Bars!


Peek-A-Boo Raspberry in White Chocolate Cookies!

In my tweens, my dad was a man of quotes…he had a quote for just about every situation…one of his many favorites was “laugh and the world laughs with you” (and I used to think “wait, what happens when I cry then?”)…Another one I often heard him say was “laughter is the best medicine” (and of course, I would think “I will remember that the next time you try to feed me some of that nasty cough syrup when I am sick”)...more

Healthy Chocolate Scones!

Healthy Chocolate Scones! ...more

Marmite & Spaghetti Squash Scones!


Chocolate Freekeh Muffins


Spinach & Cheese pancakes

Spinach & Cheese Pancakes   ...more

Valentine's Day Breakfast: Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Scones

Most of the time, I try to make healthier scones…Most of the time, white flour is substituted with whole-wheat flour or, butter is substituted with coconut oil or yogurt…Most of the time.However…There are some other times when “healthier” takes a backseat…Some times when butter IS used, and self-rising flour cannot be substituted…And in times like that, “Chocolate-Dipped, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip Scones” are born! ...more
These are so adorable and look so inviting!  Love scones and this idea is great:) Did you shape ...more

Gluten free almond honey pancakes

Do you ever brush your teeth and get into bed only to be jolted awake by arumbling?A rumbling that you begin to realize is coming from your belly?Now THIS is where the dilemma begins…...more
They look delicious!more