Author of the book Single Infertile Female and adoptive mama to one beautiful little girl. Endometriosis and infertility were just the beginning...

House of Horrors

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a lot of things I’m afraid of. Heights. Snakes ....more

Week in Review: Living the Dream

A few weeks ago, I came across some recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Pediatric Dental Association saying that kids should go in for their first dental appointment at 1-year. It honestly never would have occurred to me to bring Cheeks to the dentist this young (I mean, anyone who puts a finger in her mouth right now is truly doing so at their own risk) and after posting a Facebook poll on the subject – it seemed clear it hasn’t occurred to a whole lot of other people either. But when I asked her pediatrician about it, she said it was always a good idea to be proactive – so we made the appointment and went this week ....more

Prom 2.0: Amateur Style

So prom was absolutely amazing. But mostly because my friends are absolutely amazing. And this kid, of course, who was pure perfection in helping mommy to get ready ....more

Week In Review: Ice is Back

This is happening tomorrow night. Yes, I am going to be there. And you bet your ass I’m excited ....more

The Case Against Independent Adoption Center

In the last week, since my story about Jessica Lynn Shea went live, I have been contacted by several families she has scammed over the years. One couple was talking to her for 2 months last year. She swore up and down to them that she just felt in her heart they were the ones who were meant to raise her daughter ....more

Week in Review: Surprise Visitors

Cheeks and I received a pleasant surprise this week – an unexpected visit from her big brother and Mama Angel. They flew in from the village for some dental appointments, and we got to catch up with them last night at dinner. And today? ...more

Happy Birthday to You!

Quick Update: For those of you who have been waiting patiently for that adoption scam post I have been promising – it went live yesterday. Please check it out and share it – we need to spread the word if we are going to stop this woman from doing this again. As for today’s post – it is going to be a rare photo-heavy one ....more

Week in Review: The First Obsession

I picked Cheeks up from daycare the other night, and for the next three hours she cried. Not just cried, but also bit and threw and smacked. This was not my sweet little girl ....more

The Daycare Ick

Cheeks and I have been home in Alaska for almost 2 months now. She has been back in part-time daycare for about 6 weeks. And in all that time, she has yet to go an entire week without missing at least one day there ....more

Week in Review: Counting Blessings

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day. Those of you following along on Facebook already know why, but for the rest of you – I received a clean bill of health at my annual checkup. Not a single sign of endo to be found ....more