Sharon Is Definitely Not Done Yet --Read All ABout It!

Sharon WillenI must confess, when this book Not Done Yet:  A Tale of Transformation Through ...more

Covered Perfectly: Clothes for Women over 40

Annice dressed in Covered PerfectlyOne of the things I love most about our blog is meeting incredible women over 50 who are constantly creating something n...more

A Recent Encounter with Vanity: Or All's Well that End's Well

It was an important event.  I wanted to look thin in my outfit—well, at least thinner!  I’ve put some weight on recently in reaction to stress....more

The New Normal, the Oscars, and, I'm Happy!

SADHVIHave you noticed how a LOT of people are really into their smartphones these days?  I just got back from Las Vegas, and it was just so weird to see how many folks with their he...more

Capturing My Grandparents

A Winter Storm, Oh No!

. ...more

A Retiring Mind: Part III by Amoke Kubat

If you recall, Amoke shared two posts with us last year about being a newly retiree.  Here she is with more episode of her Retiring Mind. ...more

Jane Writes: I Love Snow!!!


The Best Hip and Joint Tablets for Dogs (and Cats)!

Bello and Me at the OceanI didn't want kids and I certainly didn't want a puppy.  And while the kids never came, Bello did....more

Martin Luther King Day, My Memories

Annice, 1967As I sat down to my computer this morning, I was going to write about a disturbing film I saw the other night but then, I realized it was MLK Day, and the film id...more
So interesting to hear your recollections of both Martin Luther King's death and Kent State. ...more