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Valiant effort from the Vampire Academy fans

(fanmade poster courtesy of
ShadowKissedNet That's an awesome poster!more

The Color Run and The Glow Run: My First 5K's

So I was going to make a blog post a couple weeks ago when I did my first 5K, which was The Color Run but I knew I was also wanting to discuss my participation in the Glow Run as well. Why not just condense the blog and post about the both of them!...more

New chapter starts today

Let me start with a little background for you, for four years I was out of work and I was taking care of the house and making sure that my mother was taken care of after my father passed away from a heart attack. It was a shock to everyone and I can say with certainty that my father touched a lot of people’s lives (which was clear thanks to his funeral which turned into standing room only after everyone else was seated)....more

General Hospital: Celebrating 50 Years

The month of March is definitely going to be the kick-off to the 50th Anniversary for General Hospital and the writers are definitely not holding anything back....more

Beautiful Creatures: Where The Movie Went Wrong

So tonight I went out and saw the new film Beautiful Creatures starring Alden Enhrenreich as Ethan Wate and Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes. The film also boasts big names such as Jeremy Irons as Macon Ravonwood, the wonderful Viola Davis as Amma, Emmy Rossum as Ridley Duchannes and one of my other favorites Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lincoln, so you would think that the film makers would do an awesome job with such a great cast but unfortunately the film fell flat....more

The Middle--Halloween III: The Driving (Live Review/Recap)

Just want to start off by apologizing for the lack of reviews for the week. The family emergency took all of my time (Tuesday we laid my Grandpa to rest) and than I found out that my grandparents dog had also passed away on Tuesday after the funeral. I am back tonight with reviews of The Middle. ...more

No reviews Monday or Tuesday(Update--Or Wednesday)

So I have crunched the numbers and looked at the different views for the reviews that I have posted and I have decided to do reviews of the more popular shows. So I will be reviewing New Girl on Tuesday, Wednesday will be The Middle and Modern Family (I will start the Modern Family review this week for the first time which I anticipate will be popular) Also starting Wednesday I will try out a review for American Horror Story to see what kind of views that gets. Thursday will be Glee (comes back in November) and I will debut a review of Vampire Diaires as well as continue The Office....more