Kathleen Heuer

Kathleen Heuer is a writer, blogger and social media consultant located in western Pennsylvania, but with deep roots in Chicagoland. She volunteers with a local grassroots organization, Relight the Lamp, and at her children's schools. Her background is in advertising and marketing, especially for music, the arts and other nonprofits. She writes on the topics of family, music education, the sandwich generation, and healthy living. She is married to a brilliant nuclear engineer and is the mom to two beautiful girls.

Trying Day: Classic Sandwich Material

Today has been, shall we say…a TRYING day. Classic Sandwich Generation responsibilities: ...more

Never Buy Uncrustables Again!

I always swore I would never be one of those moms who cut the crusts off her kids’ sandwiches. Eat it, because they’ll make you hair curly (anyone else hear that growing up?). Besides, if you have a food hang-up, learn to handle it yourself. If you want the crusts off, YOU take them off. So when Big Sis started first grade and began taking her lunch to school, I left the crusts on her pb&j. But every day that week, she’d come home crabby (low blood sugar?) with most of her lunch untouched…except for the sandwich. ...more