I'm happily married going on 37 years!  I have one practically perfect daughter whom I adore.  I consider myself very lucky in life to have a happy and fullfilling life.  I love to knit and crochet and make all kinds of things, 99% of which is donated to lots of different charities.  It's my way of doing something I like, and at the same time beneifting someone else.  I love to photograph and document gravestones; though never seem to be caught up with either of these passions.  My family is very important to me, though I just a week ago lost my mother.  She had a good and full life, suffered terribly at the end, and so while I miss her; am glad she is no longer suffering.


I like to learn new things here on the computer, though often find it takes me a while to understand the techy stuff.  I LOVE blogging and have met some very nice people as a result.  It's a great way to connect.