Sandy Sandmeyer

Lover of Jesus, Scott, my family, sea glass, eyeshadow, pretty toes, the stars & autumn.

I'm a Social Worker by profession, a musician by the gift of God, a blogger for self-therapy, and a student of the Bible. 

I love to review and blog on products, services, and books. 

Separated at Birth: 'Sons of Anarchy' and Capitol Hill Politicians

While watching this week's episode of Sons of Anarchy, I couldn't help but think I was watching a session of Congress. The biggest difference I noted was that the characters on SOA were much better looking and infinitely more likeable than politician, but that's just me. ...more
Woot woot @Karen Rodwill Solomon !  How awesome for you!more

Margaret Cho in the Korean Spa: On Birthday Suits and Birth Rights

Last week, Margaret Cho published a missive on her blog and on the women's site Jezebel about a bad experience at Aroma Spa & Sports, a Korean-style spa (jjimjilbang) in Los Angeles. She was in the women's sauna, fully nude, when some other patrons threw her some dirty looks because her body is heavily tattooed. Things escalated quickly when the management, by request of these other patrons, asked her to cover up her body....more
Fabulous post!  How very sad that the "aunts" wish Margaret was more Korean, yet their very ...more