Christine Wucherer

I help people live saner lives through life coaching, business coaching and psychotherapy.  Thirty years of experience and continuing education gives me a solid background to facilitate change.

Whether you looking for a new life or career path, business change, marital or individual therapy, I can help you create the tools needed for saner living.

Don't let your limitations hold you back

When I was a sophomore in high school I enjoyed drawing.  I painstakingly copied characters from the Sunday funnies and images from magazines into my  drawing journal. One day I asked my high school art teacher if she would look at my drawings.  She agreed.  I brought them to her the following day.  She silently looked through them and then said to the whole class, as I stood next to her desk, that copying cartoon characters and magazine images WAS NOT ART....more

Tie Up Loose Ends


The Sarah Palin VP Anthem

If I could've found two people who rap to perform my take off on Run DMC's It's Tricky as ...more

Take A Break From Multitasking

Multitasking, a talent for many women, is also reinforced by our sped up lives. Multitasking gives the illusion of living a full life. As we run around doing many things at the same time we congratulate ourselves on how much we are accomplishing. Yet we often end our days frazzled and worrying about the rest of our to do list. Time magazine has a ...more