Sarah Burris

Born in Yukon, Oklahoma, Sarah Burris has worked on democratic campaigns in red states and challenger races across the country.  She previously worked for a foundation that helped start up state based youth organizations in the west, served as the managing editor for, and covered the 2008 presidential election for Rock the Vote's Rock the Trail reports.  She was recently Lt. Governor Jari Askins's media director where their campaign was named by the DGA as one of the top two in the country for new media work.  She now is the New Media Manager at EMILY's List who works to elected democratic women at all levels of government.

Stop Anti-Choice Shenanigans With More Women

On Tuesday, Mississippi voters voted down the “Personhood Amendment” that could have outlawed abortion even to save the life of a mother. It even could have criminalized in vitro fertilization, some forms of contraception -- including IUDs, and even investigated women who suffered miscarriages. ...more