Sarah Taylor-Spangenberg

I'm the head honcho at both Zelda Lily: Feminism in a Bra and Evil Beet Gossip.  A lot of people say that those very positions contradict one another, and to those people I say "Mind your own business, you don't know me, son." I've got insanely varying opinions on everything under the sun, and if, for some reason, I have no opinion (or knowledge) on the topic at hand, I'll say nothing at all.  Even though I come across as sort of brash at times, I care way more than you might think.  I love cooking, my family, New Orleans, singing semi-professionally (OK, semi-semi professionally), massages, spa days in general, and life, as imperfect as it is at times. 

I Need Masculism Because . . . Oh, Wait. I Don’t.

Did anyone see the #INeedMasculismBecause tag on Twitter a little while ago (February 9th)? It was (wonderfully) trolled by feminists from every walk of life—sarcastic tweets about the underrepresentation and oppression that men face on a daily basis by far outnumbered the genuine tweets. The image above represents my own contribution ....more

Openly Gay And Bi Men Are Happier, No One Surprised

I mean, one meaning for “gay” is “happy.” No but seriously ....more

Population Control

Do you guys worry about the human population? Because I do. There are a lot of us, and that is going to be a problem ....more

Queen Of Peace High School: Ladies Should Be Seen And Not Heard Swearing

A lot of you have probably heard about Queen of Peace High School, a Catholic school in New Jersey, where specifically female students are being asked to pledge to not use obscenities. The male students are being asked to not use obscenities in the presence of their female classmates ....more