Una LaMarche

Una LaMarche is a writer and amateur Melrose Place historian who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, her son, and her hoard of vintage Sassy magazines. Una used to be a fancy magazine and newspaper editor before she had a baby and started writing from home, sometimes pantsless, for a living. Her first novel, Five Summers, is being released from Razorbill in May, and she’s currently in development on a second. She also writes forThe New York Observer (of which she is a former managing editor), Vegas Seven, NickMom, and Aiming Low. Una is a lapsed television recapper for HuffPo, but still blogs at The Sassy Curmudgeon, which she started in 2006 as a way to bring shame to her family. You can find her on Twitter under the handle @sassycurmudgeon. (If she’s not there, she’s probably trolling the internet for celebrity blind items or bulk candy.)

My Writing Process--Not That You Asked!

What am I working on?...more

Patty Chang Anker on Her Nervy Creative Process #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour

I'm so excited to be a part of this month's #MyWritingProcess Blog Tour, where writers from across genres and continents talk about how they write. Today I'm featuring the incredible Patty Chang Anker, one of my costars in Listen To Your Mother, whose debut book, Some Nerve: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave, was called "downright inspiring" by Oprah.com (OPRAH! DOT COM!), and was chosen as a Book of the Day by Elizabeth "Eat Pray Love" Gilbert ....more

How to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday on Facebook and (Maybe) Not Sound Like a Douchebag

Disclaimer: I wrote this a few years ago, but since my birthday is coming up next week, and I've been riddled with guilt from not wishing OTHERS a happy birthday on Facebook, it's been on my mind. Once upon a time, when a family member, close friend, or loved one celebrated a birthday, you were expected to send them a card. In the MAIL ....more

Brief But Important Lessons From the 2014 Oscars

1. Formal Khaki is the New Black I am admittedly biased, because "white person flesh" is my least favorite Crayola shade, but here's a new party game: See if you can distinguish Angelina Jolie from a jaundiced polar bear, or Cate Blanchett from a pair of honey beige control top pantyhose! Winner gets all the flan they can eat in one sitting.2. ...more

The Most Important Frosted Mini Donut Taste-Test Of All Time (Also Possibly The Only Frosted Mini Donut Taste Test Of All Time)

Well, hellooooo, friends who succumbed to my insane social media pressure to click on this link. Since I've been AWOL since late December, I don't expect that many people are refreshing the ol' SaCu (which is a nickname I just made up, pronounced sack-uh) on the regular anymore.But that all changes now. Because I just ate 30 mini frosted donettes and I'm here to tell the tale.Why, you ask?I guess I could say it's for the good of humanity, and that I just want my fellow wo/man's each and every frosted mini donut experience to reach the pinnacle of its incredible potential ....more

10 Fail-Proof New Year's Resolutions

1. Wake up hungover on January 1st and immediately ruin your planned juice cleanse with a Denny’s Grand Slam.2. Continue to write previous year on checks through October.3. Unsuccessfully attempt to save a gif file. But if you do manage to save one, make it this one. 4 ....more

Off the Rails

A silent film starring a mother, a toddler, a Northeast Regional Direct, and crappy, low-light iPhone photos. (Note to potential investors: I'm still finessing the tag line.) FIN.(But seriously, WTF is up with my face? It looks like my Scooby Doo mask is coming off ....more

I'm Back! And I Brought You Stuff!

A few things have conspired to bring me back to the blog, even though I'm not finished with my first draft. (I am working hard on it, though--especially on coming up with delightful puns for chapter titles*, which I'm counting on driving at least 75% of sales.)*What do you think of "Stop! Or My Mom Will Poop"? ...more

There's Only a 50% Chance I'm Not Facedown in a Pile of Mini Donuts Right Now

Overdramatic announcement time!Instead of continuing to half-ass around here, I'm taking a sabbatical from the blog to work on my book. Full-assed. Now that Breaking Bad has ended, I feel I have nothing left to live for can fully commit.So it's like.. ....more


Today my little man turns two. It's crazy how fast it goes; every cliché about time is true. As Vince Vaughn so famously slurred in Swingers, our little baby's all growns up! ...more