Strawberry Pretzel Salad

This is a hot weather dessert that reminds me so much of being a kid.  I remember my mom making this all of the time in those hot, humid WV summers.  I’m not sure where this recipe came from.  I think it’s an old recipe, though.  I’ve seen variations on it and it was either a recipe given on a Cool Whip tub or on the back of a Jell-o box.  I’m sure nearly everybody who grew up in the States has had this dessert at maybe a picnic or at school.  It’s a classic! ...more

Ivar's of Seattle

I meant to make braised lamb shanks for dinner tonight.  I meant to blog about a dessert on here tonight.  Alas, circumstances changed and my agenda has changed.  We decided to go grab some fish n’ chips for dinner at a local place called Ivar’s.  People around here talk about it like it’s the best place ever to get batter fried seafood and chowder.  Since we love batter fried seafood ...more

Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

One thing that I miss about living back in the South East is that you can’t buy green tomatoes in the grocery stores here in Washington state.  I don’t know why I expected to be able to do so out here, but it’s been painful.  Actually, most people who enjoy the loveliness of green tomatoes in the South East grow their own tomatoes and are able to harvest them before they ripen. ...more

You gals are so nice.  I was waiting for people telling me how disgusting that is.  It really ...more

Finger Lickin' Short Ribs

Short ribs are usually a cut of meat that you would stew or braise, but I made a version tonight where I slow roasted them and smothered them in my favorite barbecue sauce.  I’m not usually a huge fan of ribs, let alone short ribs, but I really liked the taste of these babies.  They have that slow cooked taste that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. See the full post HERE. ...more

Meatloaf: A Mom Dish

If you’re at least a second generation American, odds are that your mom made meatloaf for you when you were a child.  If you were like me, you whined and complained to no end when it was presented to you.  I hated meatloaf when I was a kid.  I hated the ketchup topping, I hated the taste, I hated the texture and I hated the look.  However, like most kids confronted with the dreaded meatloaf night, I was forced to eat it and like it. ...more

I have a love/hate thing with meatloaf. I don't really like it because I had it so much as a ...more

Junk Food Confessions: Part 2

I’m so glad that nobody ventured on here to call me a gross pig for my first set of confessions!  It’s nice to know that the lure of sugary/salty goodness attracts more than just myself.  But…..well…..tonight’s confession just might gross quite a few of you out.  I’m going to talk about a genre of food that is generally considered disgusting.  I might get my Foodie Club card taken away for admitting this, but what the hell.  I LOVE FAST FOOD!  Now grab your antacids and prepare to be over-greased. ...more

Junk Food Confessions: Part 1

Since we had a simple fish dish for dinner tonight and the homemade baked bean recipe that I tested over the weekend still needs to tweaking, I’ve decided to put my pride in the backseat for a bit and make a confession or two regarding my undying love for junk food.  That’s right, I love junk food.  In my vocabulary, the term “junk food” encompasses things like fast food, sweets, processed foods, and basically things that are very bad for you and carry almost no nutritional value.  But, as you can see, I have little or no shame ...more

Beer Marinated Butterfly Chicken

All I hear about when I talk about grilling chicken is Beer Can Chicken.  It’s all the rage right now.  I’ve always wanted to try it.  It looks absolutely delicious and juicy.  However, since I live in a rental with just a tiny slab of concrete for outdoor living space, I only have a tiny charcoal hibachi on which to do my outdoor cooking.  Obviously I cannot make Beer Can Chicken on this tiny grill so I came up with a slightly different alternative.  The outcome was a juicy, smokey, flavorful dish that almost brought my husband to tears (because ...more

Fruit and Cheese Platter

Sometimes, particularly in the warmer months, the last thing that I want to do is heat my house to unbearable temperatures by cooking a hot meal.  Sometimes you just want something cool and light.  Tonight we had something that my husband and I used to have regularly for weekend brunches before our son was born.  I made a fruit and cheese platter and white wine spritzers.  It’s light, delicious, crisp, and very fulfilling. See the full post HERE. ...more

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This is one of those dishes that everybody eats and everybody makes.  There are so many different recipes out there for meatballs.  I’ve already documented on here how to make my tomato sauce, but I’ll write it again for simplicity’s sake. See the full post HERE. ...more