Scarlet Words began as a little place to document my daily adventures and share them with far away friends. Over the years it has grown, and through my blog I have had some incredible opportunities and met wonderful people. It still amazes me that complete strangers drop in to read my posts from time to time, and it makes me really happy to read the comments and emails that people leave for me!


My blog centres around my happy little life in Melbourne, Australia. I’m a musician (on hiatus), a photographer, a beginner artist and all-round creative soul. I live with two handsome brown-eyed boys (one with two legs, the other with four) and life is pretty grand.


I love to blog about my photography and other creative pursuits, and the little stories from our daily lives. My magnificent city is always giving me new things to write about.


The moon in Maine

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Vermont in the Fall

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Brooklyn Bridge: 101 Things in 1001 Days

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Brooklyn, NY

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