Scarlet Haralson

I'm one of the ladies at Snarky Apple.

I’m kinda the mama apple. Not because I mother the other gals, but because I’m the one with kids. Although it can be hectic, being a parent hasn’t slowed me down. I make plenty of time for me, my friends, and my developing bubbly habit (just kidding). In all seriousness, I delegate or ignore the things I care nothing about – housekeeping, cooking, and occasionally laundry - to make sure I can balance all the things I need and want to do: spend time with my family, watch bad reality tv, have brunch with my gals, dream about the pre-baby body days (you know, all the important things!).

About Snarky Apple

We are four smart, savvy and snarky 30-something ladies living in the Mini Apple. Over the years we’ve perfected our snarkiness….so much so that we were inspired to share it with you. Everything is fair game. Love it or hate it, we say what we feel.

Sugar and spice might make little girls nice, but snarky is what makes us real. So, go ahead and take a bite of our snarky apples at

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