Motherhood is Messy

Motherhood is messy. To say the least, right? I had this lovely, neat, dreamy little image of what being a stay at home mom would look like ....more

Favorite Night-Night Books

There are so many wonderful children's books out there. And over the last year I've enjoyed discovering them with Caroline. Here are her current favorites when it comes to "night-night" books: 1) The Going to Bed Book 2) It's Time to Sleep, My Love...more

{Catching Up} Senior Portraits @ Carolina

{Catching up on blogging my photography from the fall. I plead having a very demanding toddler for this poor little blog's neglect.} A sweet blog reader knew I did photography from reading my blog and contacted me about doing her senior portraits. I could not have been more delighted and excited that someone actually reads this besides Grandma and my husband, ha! ...more

Tiny Cupid

This is how I was greeted on Valentine's Day my own tiny cupid who brought a sticky note of her own artistic scribbles which Mike so kindly translated as "I love you"....more

Happy Valentine's Day From Our Little Nugget of Love

Here's a Very Happy Valentine's Day wish from our little nugget of love. Our nugget of love who doesn't have any idea what Valentine's Day is. Our nugget of love who has had a very rough week thanks to molars ....more

They See Me Rolling With My Daddy

Caroline has reached that stage of toddlerhood I'd only heard tell of till now. But now I get it, first hand. That temper tantrums in every store, screaming, thrashing, I want to run down the aisles of the store and take everything off the shelves as fast as I can and if you stop me you will pay stage of toddlerhood ....more

Museum of Life & Science

For Christmas Grandma gave us a membership to the Museum of Life & Science in Durham. And since then it's become a weekly tradition to go there with Caroline's bestie, O and O's mommy. I have such fun memories of visiting the museum as a child, and now sharing new memories there with Caroline is truly special....more

Fudgy Dark Chocolate Brownies with a Secret Healthy Ingredients

Who doesn't love brownies? I remember as a child eating fudgy brownies with a glass of milk and thinking nothing on earth could be tastier. But it's been years since I've made brownies ....more


This probably would have been a more timely post to write for early 2014 right when we turned our calendars to the new year. But since giving birth I've been behind on about 95% of life, including Downton Abbey episodes (I know, I know, but I'm finally all caught up this season). Regardless of the best date, I still wanted to share some of the books I enjoyed in 2013 ....more

The Toddler & Pinterest

I've resorted to letting Caroline play with my phone daily. It's either that or the keys, but the phone is always more entertaining for her. And when I'm trying to finish filling out grocery cart, eat a quick bite, or put something on besides yoga pants (my daily SAHM wardrobe) ...more