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I am lucky Mama to six children. Three homegrown, three through adoption from Ethiopia. I explore adoption, parenting special needs and kids with trauma, trans racial family life, faith, cooking, and home schooling. I write for therapy, community and because after all the whining, crying and interrupted sentences and sleep, I might have three brain cells left.

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Because of Him

The last minute makes me so happy, stick around until the last minute. Peace to you all, no matter what you believe ....more

Christianity, Modesty, and What we are Teaching Young People

I have been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately, not in small part due to the teenage girl in my house. I've read quite few "modesty" posts by Christian authors lately and I keep leaving them dissatisfied. ...more

The Newest Family Member

Goat barn is still in process, and we are sad our goats haven't made it here yet, but the influx of animal friends continues as we are now lucky to be a happy home for this little girl, who happens to be the softest animal on the planet.Therapy bunny anyone?I want to call her Storm. Tsega suggested Jesus and Samantha is voting for Skyler. Brady suggested "Baseball Bat" so, I think my vote should count for two or three at least ....more

Plugging Along

My novel...more

50,000 Words in March

I endeavored starting March 1st to write a novel of at least 50,000 words. The day I began I had no character, no plot, not a single shred of an idea. I just started typing.I have neglected sleep, personal hygiene, the laundry situation, bathrooms, mostly not the children, and have gone to bed before 3am only twice this entire month ....more

Therapeutic Horseback Riding and Other Good Things

Tsega has been taking therapeutic horseback riding lessons. I cannot tell you how awesome it is. His self control, his confidence and the sensory experience and learning how to communicate with the horse through his legs and the reins and his voice are magic ....more

The Problem With Home School

It's not my problem. It's someone else's. I didn't get to hear what it was though ....more

Why I Don't Shower

Well, why I don't shower regularly. Because I come out and they are doing stuff like this.And thisCreative and Stupid meet at such a fine line ....more

Two Little Things

The first, you should know and understand, this is about nine days of fruit for this house. You might think this should get someone though the apocalypse. But twenty lbs of apples stretches us to nine or ten days around here.I am in the same 'write a book in a month' club as my friend Claudia, and today she posted herself in a tiara saying it helps with writing ....more

Their Words, Not Mine

I am shocked and thrilled that my novel writing presses forward. ...more