Broke Girl

Broke Girl knows a thing or two about money, having sold millions in financial derivatives from London to LA. She has also worked as a waiter, housepainter and factory inspector (of those tubes that squirt out the windshield cleaner fluid) for Pontiac and Chrysler.

She knows that happiness and financial freedom is little about bank statement and much about understanding and knowing the truth about money.

Obama and Broke Girl Call for Common Sense Executive Pay

We are in deep doo-doo. I have never before used that childish term; had to look up Webster's to get the correct spelling, and yes, I am sorry to say—there is one. ...more

The Broke But Happy Traveler

I thought couch surfing was for kids, like my 20-something nephew who, at this very moment, is en route from Michigan to Honduras. This peripatetic child has been known to friend total strangers. He once met an older couple on a 24-hour airport layover and went home with them where his temporary grandma and grandpop served him a warm square one and invited him back again. ...more

I just wrote a few words about this - ...more