Stacie Wyatt

Im Stacie, 34, African-American woman, living in Houston. Separated. BSM in business management. Working on a psych degree. Blogger, book reviewer. I love to read, write, find free stuff online. I also love to listen to music. Next, I homeschool my oldest. Mother of two special needs kids, 13 and 2 old boys. My oldest is Autistic and ADHD. My youngest has a global development delay. He also has a heart condition.


 Product and Book reviewer. I also started doing book tours, giveaways, and blogger promotions (helping other bloggers promote their giveaways). I also do paid campaigns. 

Published short stories and poetry (Chocolate Kisses, Love.Lust.Life, Conversing with Normality, Conversing with Salvation, Miscarried, Conversing with Sexuality, Conversations 1, and Conversations 2., Never Argue with an Autistic Child and Other Special Tales)



Blurred Lines

This is a repost from Blurred Lines on my other blog, Celibacy Diaries.  ...more

Conflicting Views

This is a repost from my blog, Celibacy Diaries. The other day, I talked to a man, who had conflicting views about sex, compared to mine. I gave him my views, I listened to his. I haven't called him since. As soon as I told him, I was not having sex, his first question (which annoys me because I heard it before) was How are you going to satisfy your man, if you get into a relationship? I told him I would not.  ...more

This is my life

I thought of this topic a few days ago. I was having a bad day with Mr.Meltdown and The Destructor. Definitely hard being a special needs parent at times. Toss in being irritated, cranky, and in pain (probably PMS now that I think about it) and I was ready to call it a day (and days)....more

I took time off and regretted it.

I took 5 years off from raising my oldest son and I regret it. I honestly thought his father would do a better job because Brad Sr was more stable (and he was). Brad had a full-time job and his own place. I was taking on part-time jobs, which did not conflict with school, and bounced around from place to place. I was barely there, seeing him sporadically on weekends and school holidays. ...more

Read my Profile Part 2

There is nothing more annoying than when someone asks you a question, which is clearly answered in a profile, whether dating or social or even Google. Someone called me today. Asked me all the wrong questions (right questions, just most of these were answered if he simply read)...more

A case of the Monday

I woke up...more

Hoover versus Hoover

I have a Hoover Carpet Cleaner. Had it for almost two years. My mother bought it, but I ended up mostly using it. Since, I bought the replacement filters and solutions, It is now mine. My daddy bought one a few weeks ago, not knowing we already had one (since I only clean upstairs). Was not really feeling it because it looked bulky. Not trying to do extra work attempting to push around a vacuum or shampooer. I used it a few days ago for the first time. Brad had an accident on the floor and I did not want to lug my baby downstairs....more

Light it up Blue

LIGHT IT UP BLUEI am the mother of a 12 year old Autistic boy. He was diagnosed at an early age with both Autism and ADHD. I am also the mother of a 22 month boy, who has developmental delays. He has language delays. He also can not walk and has fine motor issues. ...more

The Pony and the Stallion

--SDW--My youngest son, finally got his walker on Monday. He also got approval for braces. I recorded a few videos on my blog. Not sure how to insert videos on BlogHer yet. So far, he is moving backwards. He refuses to move forward. Great progress in the last few days. He also got approval for his leg braces. His braces will arrive in four to eight weeks.

I don't like being needed all the darn time