Speckle of Dirt

My blog is about using food, dining, gardening and life to inspire thought, creativity and change. With short posts, inspiration can be yours in less than a minute or two. I live on 8-acres with my family in rural Washington, and love to write and share ideas. Come visit often!

Embracing Your You-ness

Have you read the book Who Moved My Cheese? I read the book years ago when I was working for a company trying to improve sales....more

Stereotypical Underpants

Whether you call them panties, undies, underwear, undergarments, underpants, delicates, boxers, briefs, grannies, or by any other name, we all wear them. Granted, some are more sophisticated than others, some are holy (and not in the spiritual sense), but they are a necessity of life....more

Authenticity in a Tomato

Yesterday I had the priviledge of visiting with one of my neighbors from our previous residence....more

Trellis Restaurant in Kirkland, WA

My love affair with food started a long time ago with my Grandmother's breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. I know, this doesn't sound like a gourmet delicacy, but when you're five-years-old, nothing tastes better than your Grandma's cooking. ...more