Kenna Janke

I'm a twenty something year old in the city of Seattle. I nanny, go to college, and find time in my fantastic life to document it all. Or, most of it. I'm not fantastic at talking to complete strangers about myself (I mean, I am...but how boring is that?) So I write about the happenings, my friends, the other side of the nanny life. It's not about the things you do in life, it's about the things you remember. I'd like to remember all of it. Unless I end up with dimensia, then I'd like someone else to remember (or read) all of it.

Love Letters...

Some love letters for people who entered my life today:To the Asian who commented on my nails... Ironic. Wow. But, thank you very much. You just made my day that much brighter. And, yes, I think I will become a pro nail tech.To the woman wearing a face mask in Walgreens... Seriously? What the fuck do you think we all have, malaria?To the guy wearing a headband driving a jeep... Woops, you're a woman... sorry....more

Annoyances: Facebook posts on Football Sunday

What I posted on my Facebook (less than twenty minutes ago):I don't even have to watch the game with constant updates on everyone's Facebook status. Yup, that was from me. So far it has 9 "likes" and is growing. Cool, cause I care about "likes"... no, I just want you all to realize it's stupid and annoying and stop.Seriously? I get you need to write "Go Seahawks!" "Go Packers!" "Go {insert any football team here}" because if you don't, your team will automatically lose and it's all your fault.Get real....more

The Outside Life: Movies (Django)

Went and saw Django with the manfriend tonight. The D is silent - don't forget that. Or you will get your head shot off. Or your man junk (penis).Before I get into the movie and that whole shabang, I'd like to talk to you first about the previews....more

Advice diarrhea: Cheating

One of my really good friends (except, not so good now because she asked for advice - and I'm not a great advice giver) asked me if she thought it was okay to cheat. It went a little something like:...more