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My Kid Went To Washington DC And All I Got Were These Lousy Photos

Seriously. We ponied up the dough for our oldest little darling to visit Washington DC aboard a chartered bus with forty other kids in the 8th grade (and four incredibly patient and severely underpaid teachers) this past weekend. I’ve never been to our nation’s capital and neither has my husband, so when the opportunity arose, we absolutely wanted our kid to go ....more

Happy Spring?

I promised myself when I heard the sleet hitting the windows last night that I would not gripe about the weather. This winter has been a doozy and frankly, I’m over it. I was determined to ignore the sleet and go to sleep thinking happy thoughts about fruity umbrella drinks and tropical temperatures ....more

Three Key Things I Learned On Vacation This Year

1. I am not (nor will I ever be) a thug. I’m simply too middle aged and Midwestern ....more

Wordless Wednesday, Black And White Edition

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I Could SO Get Into Hiking

“I think if we lived here, I’d get totally into hiking,” I said while stopping to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us. “I’d buy all the gear: the walking poles … or maybe a stick. Walking sticks are pretty cool ....more

My Thoughts On Broadcast News

I’m interrupting my Grand Canyon vacation coverage to bring you my thoughts on the movie Broadcast News. (You’re welcome for the break in vacation photos, America) I had no thoughts about Broadcast News prior to viewing it, other than I was reasonably sure it was a comedy. After consulting the Interwebs, I discovered Broadcast News (check it, number eight to be checked off my Must See 3.0 list, yo) was released in 1987 ....more

Gettin’ My Brady On … Kind Of

Picture it: me circa 1981, sitting on the floor after school wearing a purple and white striped Izod shirt and white Nikes with a blue swoop, completely zoning out of the rest of the world as the opening strands of The Brady Bunch theme song start to play. You can totally see that, can’t you? It was the episode in which the Bradys (plus Alice because who in their right mind would leave Alice at home?) visit the Grand Canyon ....more

Chihuly At The Garden

Besides the Grand Canyon, there were two things I was especially looking forward to seeing on our trip to the desert: cacti and tumbleweeds. I don’t know why these two things were important to me, but I suppose that growing up in Indiana you get tired of seeing pine trees and tall oaks and you long for a little cactus action. Or at least I do ....more

Buckle Up, I’m Back From Vacation (And I’ve Got The Photos To Prove It)

And … I’m back. Did you miss me? Did you even know I was gone? ...more

And That’s How I Got A Free Haircut

My hairdresser, Jennifer, greeted me with a giant smile when I walked into the salon. She always greets me with a giant smile and I’m never sure if A: that’s just her sweet personality, B: it’s because I’m a big tipper (more to do with math issues than any generosity on my part) or C: she’s been dipping into the box of wine usually reserved for customers. I’m choosing a combo involving all three ....more