I keep a quirky and (sometimes) humorous blog,, where I amuse, entertain and misinform readers with my occasional flashbacks to the 80s and non-award winning photos.

I Don’t Fear The Mullet

Downtown, right as you cross the river into the west side of town, there is a massive outdoor chalkboard. At the top of this massive chalkboard is a question or a fill in the blank statement. The heading changes periodically ....more

They’re No Unicycle, But They’ll Do

I have grown to love a good flea market. Maybe it’s because I’m older and I get a kick out of seeing the toys and video games of my youth or perhaps it’s because flea markets are like a treasure hunt. You just never know what you are going to find and that makes for an exciting weekend morning ....more

Have A Wondie(ful) July 4

Today is Independence Day and I love Independence Day. I love everything about it: cookouts, festive red, white, and blue decorations, and fireworks. Plus, I feel that July 4th is also Wonder Woman Day ....more

This Is What Hell Smells Like

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of the vast differences between my husband and myself. For the most part I’m happy that we are opposites because I believe that we compliment each other, but sometimes, even after almost twenty years of marriage, those differences shock me. Take last week at dinner for example ....more

Stormy Nights

I’m no weatherman, but I feel confident in telling you that it has been hot and humid in my area for the last several days. The heat and humidity make the easiest of everyday tasks physically seem like one has...more

A Hundred Ways To Die In The Woods, Part I

“You sure you’ll be okay?” my husband asked me. I looked at him, then turned at looked at the woods. “No, but let’s go anyway.” My husband was hesitant ....more

Using My Time Wisely. Kinda.

Winston Churchill’s mother had a tattoo of a snake eating its tail. It was on her wrist, which allowed her to show off her skin art or cover it up with a chunky bracelet, depending on social obligation. The lovely Lady Churchill ....more

The Birthday Girl

Guess who’s got two thumbs, one eye, a cane, and lied about her age at Steak N’ Shake on Saturday? This girl: That’s right. Saturday...more