Ahoy mateys

When Jon and I got married we came upon an agreement that we want to have as many novel experiences as we could fit in to the rest of our lives together. This means zip-lining, hiking, get the idea. We want to experience as much life as we can-together ....more

Running Around

Growing up my one and only form of exercise was dance. I never played any other sport during my school years. I loved (and still do) watching baseball and I would play in a neighborhood game every so often ....more


This week has been rough.I'm not usually one to throw the baby out with the bath water and label whole weeks of my life as difficult-but this one was rough.It started out with losing a friend. I find my self opening a new email to write her, a thought to send her or something ridiculous to post on her facebook wall. And then I remember I can't and it sucks, to say the least-so there's that.It was tricky enough coming back from vacation to a bustling schedule but then I went to the doctor and found out that I have been walking around with two broken ribs since before our wedding-over a year ago!...more

Saying Goodbye

About 11 months ago I wrote about the idea of saying goodbye to a friend. This past week while I was in Tahoe I found out that my friend, Mary Lou had gracefully ended her battle with cancer. She was a strong woman and fought so hard ....more


"Today is my birthday, I get one every year" -No DoubtEvery birthday morning, since I first heard that song years ago, those lyrics pop in to my head. Every year. It always fascinates me how the same things happen yearly but you could be a totally different person the next time it comes around.This year, today...more

Life Class

Now that we have a Tivo I have been catching more and more of Oprah's OWN Network. There are so many shows that I am getting in to but one that I am really enjoying is Oprah's Life Class. I caught an episode last night with Cindy Crawford and was curious as to what lessons she would impart on me ....more

Bridal Shower Crafting!

When I had my bridal shower my friend Erin made me such a sweet gift (see it here). I remember loving the idea of my friend made something so special for Jon and I. So now that Erin is getting ready to get married I decided to make something special for her bridal shower ....more

Plan On It!

 So if you follow me on twitter you may have heard that I treated myself to an Erin Condren ...more

Bill Cunningham New York

My in-laws used to subscribe to the Sunday New York Times ....more

The Sassy Book Worm

  Jon travels a bit for work and being the friendly guy he is he often strikes up conversation with people he sits next to on the pl ...more