Hillary Kleck

 I am the owner of Sensory Sun Educational Technologies. I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a BS in Electrical Engineering. While at the University, I fell in love with another engineer, my husband Jacob. I enjoy a variety of music, spectacular food and drinks, creative writing and football. Most of all, I homeschool my daughter Madilyn.

We are extremely proud parents of Madilyn. Madilyn was diagnosed shortly after birth with bilateral anophthalmia. Anopthalmia is a condition in which the eye ball tissue does not develop as normal in utero and therefore the baby is blind. For Madilyn, anopthalmia was not the extent of her diagnosis, as she also had a clubbed foot, underdeveloped nasal passages and nose, and craniosynatosis.


ALL PLAY Accessible Toy Guide

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! With the release of the first ALL PLAY Accessible Toy Guide for Children with Visual Impairments, Sensory Sun is getting ready for some extra special festivities for the whole family that you won’t want to miss! That’s why we’re throwing an exciting twitter party to fill you in on all things fun and accessible for holiday gift giving! You can even win some of the best toys and accessible products like Pixar’s Brave with audio description for the blind just by participating. Read the guidelines below and RSVP right away!...more

Being GREEN is Exhausting!

Checking labels, researching ingredients, looking for symbols... Finding out what's in our food can be down right time consuming. After the election and denial of Prop 37 in California, I'm thinking more and more about the concerns of safe food....more