New Year's Day 2013 & Full-Family Foraging

Today was a particularly bright, gorgeous New Year's Day, so we spent it in San Francisco's McLaren park. Seymour & his team filmed a 2011 Fungus Fair documentary there, so he wanted to revisit  mycologically active sites. We found several different favorite species, and enjoyed tromping around -- it's a great park for casual hiking. (If you visit the park, know that it's a haven for happy dogs and their humans, and not all will be on leash.)Happy 2013, all ...more

Happy Endings

Leo's photo of his hospi ...more

We Need to Talk About Adam Lanza

As a parent and as a human, my first reaction to the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary was to keen and to roar with heartbreak. Mass murders of schoolchildren are The Unimaginable, they are What Should Never Happen, they are several leagues beyond horrifying. As more reports emerged, I wept along with President Obama for those children, those parents, those teachers, their families, their loved ones....more
Dear reporter,    I am an Indian mother having two children of Adam's and Ryan's age. This ...more

Listen to Leo!

My mother, bless her tolerance for chaos, went home today after spending a week with us while Iz soccer tournamented, Mali was a hip hop Snow White dwarf in he ...more

Holiday Home Run Gifts: iPad Minis, Apps, and More

If you and your kids are dreaming of a tech-filled holiday season, you probably have questions about tablets, iDevices, and the like. Should you get the brand-new iPad Mini? What makes it a better choice than the larger iPad or the smaller iPod Touch? Do you need accessories, like cases and styluses? Which ones? And what are the best apps for kids of all abilities?...more

Soul-Endangering Nutella Cupcakelets

Mali's week of 8th birthday festivities came to a close today, with two parties: one in her class, the other her "real" birthday party at a jumpy house palace. For the latter, she chose a Costco cake (score! from a labor perspective); for the former, she requested Nutella cupcakes. Um. OK. Commence Internet research.The mini-cupcakes I ended up making (and which had folks on their knees) drew on three components: ...more

Suddenly She's Eight Years Old

This girl is eight years old today ....more

Rock This Way

Leo went off Risperdal last month ....more

How I Took My Autistic Son Off His Meds

My 12-year-old autistic son Leo was on the black box anti-psychotic medication Risperdal for almost four years. As of this writing, he's been off it for almost four weeks. Will he be okay? I hope so, but I'm not sure. Not yet....more
@dspetroLynneSorayaturns out Risperdol is actually still very necessary for Leo. He had two ...more

Happy 12th Birthday Leo!

This boy, who was given a diagnosis of Extreme Cuteness about the time this photo was now this boy. This handsome 12-years-old-as-of-today boy. ...more