Shawni Pothier

My name is Shawni and I am a wife and a mother of five of my favorite people.  I love to chronicle daily life through photography and musing about the day-to-day wonders (and chaos) of Motherhood on my blog ( Sometimes I think my children would not recognize me without my camera :). 

My Blogs

June little things

June seems like a blur in my mind right now. ...more

Daughters of Good week help links

A few years ago I posted something we did in our church Young Woman program back HERE.It was a week of activities prompted by ideas from an amazing Young Woman leader in California. And it worked with the girls I was working with in my own congregation here in the desert.Really well.So I shared it with blog readers way back then. Since then, apparently many people felt those same feelings I had when I felt compelled to share it with the girls I was working with ....more

simplifying summertime

I wrote this a couple weeks ago and never published it so here you go: As summer draws on, lounging out before me hot and dry, we are soaking it all in. ...more

love story -- part 2

In response to the many requests over the last couple years since I wrote part one (back HERE), here you go: So there I was, wondering about that boy, the one with the hair curling around his forehead and the dimple-jeweled smile. ...more

road trips

Lucy has this funny (or not so funny) thing about meals....more

Happy 4th!


butter chicken with naan

My brother is a great cook. ...more

my Hawaiian brother

One of my brothers lives in Hawaii. He and his wife and five kids live kids in the most unique way I know (their blog is HERE, not updated for a while but maybe you'll get the idea. ...more

50 years of love

In the beginning of June, these two reached the 50 year mark of marriage: (Are they not the cutest couple ever?) Fifty years of marriage is a pretty big reason to celebrate. So we did. Every one of their nine kids came to town (six of us are local so that helped) and we had a whole weekend of all sorts of hoopla.SWIMMING AND BBQWe started out with "kid soup" at my brother and sister-in-law's house....more

Friday Q & A -- relationships

How do you ensure that your kids like YOU? I am feeling so bad because my kids told me that I'm a grouchy mom and they don't like me. (they are 6 and 4) ....more