Kerry Connelly

Christian Life Coach, writer and speaker, Kerry is a wife and mom, sold-out Jesus freak, and chronically unorganized.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of She*s ELEVATED, a company whose mission is to elevate women to their higher purpose through visionary coaching.  

She blogs all her deep thoughts at and her quest to get organized like all those other people at  You can also grab free downloads of her materials, discover life coaching, and more at

Kerry lives in New Jersey with her family.

The bloom on his table.

Am I brave enough to write this?Yes.Maybe.Late to the table, days late in this Instagram world, where vitriol and love pass each other in the hallway with barely time to acknowledge one another.  So much wondering in my head about this group with whom I self-identify: these Jesus people.I love them. It’s a crazy kind of love.They infuriate me.So many issues.  Complementarianism vs. egalitarianism.  Wealthy pastors with big houses. World Vision and gay people.  So much room for judgement and hate.  Or love and forgiveness, if we so choose....more

A new frequency, a new vernacular: On Reverse Slope Hearing Loss

One Saturday I awoke, life as usual.  By that afternoon, life had begun to slide a little to the left as my son was diagnosed with neurological hearing loss. Words I never claimed as my own began to slowly insert themselves into the vocabulary of my life: disability. hearing aid. 504. child study team.  degenerative? MRI. personal FM....more
JennaHatfield  Oh and thank you for the referral for earphones....DEFINITELY looking into them!more

Rise up, Warrior Mama. Rise up.

MARCH 25, 2014  LEAVE A REPLYEDITI didn’t really understand the severity of the problem when I spoke to my husband on the phone.  I was in Dallas on business, and our four year old little girl was at home with Daddy, developing what seemed to be her first ever urinary tract infection.  ”She won’t get off the toilet,” he said.  ”She feels like she has to pee all the time.”When the test came back clean, we figured it was just one of those things.  But she wasn’t getting any better.  In fact, she was more adamant than ever about having to be near the bathroom.  When I arrived home from the airport at almost midnight, there she was on the toilet, dark rings of exhaustion under her eyes and a rash in the shape of the toilet seat on her bum.  I knew something was very wrong....more

Christians who curse...and other unsavory sins.

I have not been a Christian my entire life.  Well, I was a nominal Christian.  Meaning I wasn’t born Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist.  We had trees in our house every December and baskets with malted milk balls showed up in the spring.  I occasionally went to the Methodist church down the street when my mother had what I can only imagine was a spiritual awakening. It wasn’t really a bring-down-the-rafters Praise God and Hallelujah kind of place.  It was more a somber, a cappella-like-a-Zen-Buddhist-monk-chant of Praise God from whom all blessings flow kind of place. My mother had me baptized when I was five. I was up at the altar with the babies, and the thing I remember most was that I hated the dress with the yellow ribbon my mother made me get, because I wanted the one with the blue.The point is, I didn’t grow up church-y.  Plus, I grew up in northern New Jersey.  Put those two together and it makes for an interesting experience when I sit around a table with people who grew up in the church-i-est of the churches.Primarily, because I curse.I curse a lot....more
h2ogirl1977  Lol I think there's quite a few of us!!!  Thank God!!!  We say the same thing ...more

The Subversive and the Perfumed Sinner

Sometimes I forget that the Bible is full of humans.  Messy, tear-stained and snot-filled, biologically hazardous humans.  Sometimes I'll read something that will highlight the hot mess that is all of humanity, and it's beautiful.  Because Jesus was there.  These moments only happen though, when I really read the Bible -- not just give it a perfunctory skim in order to douse myself in some sort of pseudo holiness the way I wear a pair of knock-off jeans....more

A motley crew of gangbangers

When they walked in the door, I was struck with how they could seem so small and yet so scary all at once.  They got off the van and swaggered in, all attitude and disaffected disdain, hoodies and hats pulled down low over their suspicious eyes.  They were everything the movies would portray a gang member to be: young. Black. Male. And allegedly mean.Suddenly my little power point presentation seemed so stupid.I thought, Oh, crap.  What did I get myself into?...more

In Defense of Donald Miller

Getty ImagesI don’t know Donald Miller and I don’t tweet often, but a few days ago I happened to have Twitter open just when Miller, one of my all-time favorite authors, tweeted this:...more

Big Butts...Big Lie?

There’s been this phenomenon happening on my Facebook page: sponsored posts that are essentially soft-porn disguised as “Fitness Inspiration”.  Most of these have to do with disembodied butts….plump, rounded, and implanted, these sweaty cheeks don’t seem to belong to any face…and yet purport to be encouraging me to be a strong, physically-fit woman. I have a problem with this....more

Awkward Nakedness

Life with kids is never dull, and just when I think I’m getting the hang of it, one or both of my two kids will throw me a curve ball.  My girl is seven (almost eight) and a quiet observer.  Fiercely loyal, a good friend, empathetic almost to a fault, she doesn’t like crowds but desperately wants to relate to people.  My almost-five boy, on the other hand, can work a crowd like a politician, has amazing comedic timing, and a brain that scares me a little.  He’s an extrovert in a family of introverts.My nephew’s wife recently had a baby, which brought lots of questions out of the little guy.“How did the baby get in her tummy?”“God put it there.”“How?”“With love.”“Yeah, but how?”...more

The Offensive Gospel

I understand that Christianity as a religion is offensive to a lot of people.  As an organized institution, we kind of suck sometimes.  I can’t possibly begin to profess to know whether each individual responsible for various types of meanness are “actually saved” or in a “real relationship with Jesus” or whatever.  But what I can say is that, at the very least, as a religion, we need a better marketing plan....more