Born in Ukraine and raised in San Francisco, I am now struggling to stay sane in the suburbs of the Biggest Little City (where there is no Dim Sum).  Since none of my career choices of actress, lion tamer or astronaut panned out I found myself blogging about life at  http://www.shesuggests.com/.  Also? I post a lot of pictures of my kids - one human, one canine.  You have been warned.

Leaving for America

I could never have imagined it without a little help. In my child’s mind, I pictured a mound of sand, a palm tree (with coconuts!) and my grandparents clinging to it to survive. I spent weeks fretting about how we would swim there and alternatively about how we would all fit! ...more

I remember this post so, so well. Because of the beauty and longing. All of it.

So thrilled ...more