Sunshine Stanley

Hello, as you can see my name is Sunshine. I grew-up in Asheville, NC. I am the proud mother of  two little girls and a son who graduates this year. I use to be a searcher & when I do something I do it well. I left no stone unturned. Yes, I turned them all! But, the day I met Jesus and the love of God hit my heart... My search ended & life began.

Forgive Me

          It has taken me a long time to see that I owe you an apology. I have been pretty angry with you and I did not consciously realize that I had been, until the Lord showed me. He also showed me your heart for Him and for others, it was truly beautiful. He showed me you have a heart to do His will. That you truly do desire to do His will. For that I am so grateful, He loves you so much. Please know that He see's your heart Brandon. I don't want to be someone who discourages you, that is not my heart!!!...more

Just Call me Wonder Woman

sheridan@flowershop1  Amen, thank you. I am actually going to write a blog about that also. So, ...more

Died and Gone to Heaven

           I had seen them on shelves everywhere, but hadn't heard much about them or knew anyone who had used one. Like I've mentioned in previous blogs, I am literally the most low maintenance woman on this planet that actual takes a shower. I can't compete with the ones who don't shower, but I am reigning queen over the ones who do shower, when it comes to being low maintenance. But, let me tell you guys, I fell in love last night and to think.... I almost didn't even get it either. But, like I have told you guys....more

Face to Face


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

                Everytime I get on the internet I see it.... Mainstream pastor's, preacher's, and teachers are being attacked and called false prophets. Their salvation is in question and throw them out with the rest of the trash. This is being done mainly by the christian community and it saddens me deeply, brother's and sister's this should not be. ...more

The Man for the Job.


Dream a Little Dream


Look Up!

            It is the topic among topics, the government and all that that in tales. It can get overwhelmingly scary. I can just see the concern and panic in people's faces. I have even felt it creep up on me at times, when the stakes where raced high. But, it is in these times I would encourage people to look up. The people in office are just that, people. God didn't create any of us to look to them, but to Him. Keep the people in office in our prayers, they too are in need of a loving savior. No matter what we face, we do not face it alone....more

Broken 4 You

             I was in the car and I was listening to one of my son's CD's. It's this guy named KB and he is a part of the 116 Click that the Lord has raised up through Lecrae. Awesome Christian rapper's, totally preaches and brings the word, the truth. Thankful for them. I was listening to this song where KB had gotten some letters from some of his listeners and he was burdened by them. Called the guys together to come and pray over them and for them....more

Together We Stand